Safe Re-opening Summer 2020

June 2020

The following document is a guide to Reopening with guidance from the CDC, Office of Child Care Department of Education and Health Department of Maryland.

It is to be considered a living document with likely changes and adaptations as we begin to move into our physical school space within the world pandemic.

Regular contact and communication will be maintained from Center to parents, from Center to Licensing Specialist and from Center to Department of Health.

Any and all questionable symptoms, uncertainty in ability to retain the protocol outlined as well as any concerns should be brought to the immediate attention of Mrs. Rochel Wealcatch or Mrs. Brocha Baum-Margolese via phone or email:
410-413-1426 or

Child Health Screening

Please print, fill out the form and and provide to the registration staff daily.

Staff Health Screening

Please print, fill out the form and and provide to the registration staff daily.


All of the items below will be in place daily and closely adhered to at DNM. Compliance is mandatory:

Drop off/ pick up:

  • Parent/ guardians are limited from entering this facility and contact between parents/ guardians, staff and children is minimized at pick up/ drop off
  • Cloth coverings are worn by parent/ guardians and staff at pick up/ drop off
  • Temperature checks are being performed on all children at arrival by parent/ guardian and are directly observed and recorded by staff
  • Symptoms checks are being performed at arrival to include any possible COVID-19 symptoms in children and household members

Social Distancing within the facility:

  • Groups are restricted to no more than 10 people (children + staff)
  • The facility is attempting to maintain at least 6 feet between children and staff when direct care is not required
  • There is limited of mixing groups in common areas such as restrooms, hallways, and on the playground

Other Infection Control Measures:

  • Staff are self-monitoring their temperature and any COVID-19 symptoms in themselves and household members and reporting their temperature to the facility administrator upon arrival
  • Hand washing/ hand hygiene is occuring for all children and staff upon arrival and frequently throughout the day
  • Staff and children are wearing cloth face coverings while in the facility when this can be accomplished safely and consistently
  • The facility has increased its cleaning and disinfecting routine to multiple times per day with emphasis on cleaning and disinfected frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Materials are not shared between groups of children
  • Materials that cannot be cleaned and sanitized are not being used
  • Materials that are being used are being cleaned and sanitized after each use


  • The facility has a non-contact or temporal thermometer
  • The facility has an adequate supply of disposable gloves
  • The facility has adequate supplies for hand washing/ hand hygiene
  • The facility has adequate supplies for cleaning and disinfecting within the facility per CDC guidelines

Maintaining Hygiene in the Classroom

In the classrooms all teachers will supervise and ensure the following items throughout the time that staff and/or students are in the room:

  • Wash your hands, thoroughly and properly per CDC guidelines upon entering the classroom
  • Wash your hands when your touch your face
  • Refrain from touching your mask
  • Sanitize materials after each use
  • Cough smart! Into your elbow, away from others and with thorough hand washing following, per CDC guidelines
  • Recognize any changes in behavior that may indicate a symptomatic student. Should this occur:
    1. Immediately have the child leave the room and be in the safe space for those displaying any symptoms of illness
    2. Have the office personnel contact the parents for immediate pickup
    3. Contact Licensing Specialist and Health Department and follow all procedures outlined
    4. This may include (other criteria may be required): Disinfecting the entire room and/or building, Contacting parents of students exposed to the child displaying symptoms, Closing the Center.


When a bathroom is used by any child or adult, please call for the maintenance personnel via walkie talkie. The bathroom should be identified per the number indicated on the door. The bathroom MAY NOT be used until sanitation has been completed and recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my child have to wear a mask all day?

A. The Office of Child Care, Department of Education (OCC) does not require that children in the Toddlers and Primary divisions wear a mask. However, if they will wear a mask, we recommend that you send them in one. The OCC recommends (but doesn’t require) that Elementary-aged children wear masks. DNM, out of an abundance of caution, will require Elementary-aged children to come to school wearing a properly fitting mask. DNM staff members will wear a mask the entire time they are on our campus.

B. Since the Health Department does not require children to wear a mask, children will not be sent home for fidgeting with it, wearing it improperly or taking it off. Teachers will instruct children who touch their mask to wash their hands thoroughly. However, please know, that based on individual circumstances, we may ask a family to stop sending a child if he/she is not able to keep up with the school’s safety requirements.

Q. Are other local schools opening as well?

A. The approval that we have obtained is specifically because we are licensed as a Center. There are other local Centers that have begun reopening. At this time, Torah Institute will be opening with small groups in short sessions in their school building.

Q. How will DNM determine if it is following safety measures consistently?

A. Ongoing and consistent communication with both the Office of Child Care and the Health Department will help us in determining our standards. Rigorous documentation and observation will allow them and us to track who comes in contact with whom and for what lengths of time, should a need to have that information available arise.

Q. Does anyone else know that DNM has this approval?

A. DNM has been and will continue to be in close touch with Heads of Schools and Directors of Centers as well as with Rabbi A. Sadwin of the Baltimore Agudath Israel Office. Both Heads of Schools’ and Directors’ groups have continually communicated throughout this pandemic and all have been informed of DNM’s plans.

Q. How is security being addressed during this time?

A. Both safety and security are, as always, the number one priority of DNM. We are thrilled to share that Mr. Rico from Secure Tactical will be rejoining us and working hard to ensure our staff, students, and families are secure at all times while on campus.

Q. This will be a big adjustment for my child, will she/he have time to ask and talk about all of this?

A. Sessions for all students will be held prior to opening the physical doors. This may look like a Circle Time discussion, small group 11 conversation or even one-on-one talks. Parents should talk to their child’s individual teacher to gain support as necessary for their child. Continual follow up will be in place in the upcoming school year under the guidance of our new Faculty member designated for Mental Health.

Q. What if we try to come back and realize it will not work for our family for various reasons?

A. We ask that people consider attending in a serious manner and only sign up if they feel committed to the choice. However, we recognize that this is unpredictable and we understand that each family will need to determine how it feels and works for them. Opting out after a session IS an option.

Q. Will there be an additional fee for attending these sessions?

A. No. This is still a part of the current school year and we hope, a healthy and safe bridge into a new one! Should this go well, we will offer a Summer Program with a more consistent schedule and a separate charge. This will be shared after the school year ends.

We know that you may have more questions and we want to answer them all as best as possible.

Please submit any other questions you may have to