Roadmap to Success 

Our curriculum integrates benchmark targets with the flexibility each child needs to develop at their own pace. Working in large groups, small groups and individually, children build strong connections to their teachers. Our one-on-one academic learning ensures each child is constantly stimulated and develops self-respect, a deep love of learning, and an inner motivation to continually strive for more.

Toddler & Primary Division 

Language Arts

First, children learn pre-language skills.  This includes identifying and defining objects and building visual discrimination skills- necessary to differentiate letters. After the students master pre-language skills, they move into advanced language skills in English and Hebrew at their own pace.


Our math program takes children from conceptual understanding of numbers to numeral recognition and an understanding of multiplication and division. Students work with various manipulatives to master sequence, operations, and memorization of math basics. Through their choice of activities, students develop a concrete understanding of place value, fractions, telling time, and many other math foundational skills.


Using geometrical blocks, varying sized triangles, and other materials, children use their senses to develop foundational skills and learn about the world around them. Our specially designed sensory manipulative also help students build creative thinking skills and an understanding of space and shape.

Parshas Hashavua & Yomim Tovim

Children learn parshas hashavua and chagim through hands-on activities and art projects. Lessons include the six days of creation, sequence of parshiyos, yomim tovim, hakaras hatov, accepting others, loving Hashem.

Practical Life

Practical Life activities, include getting dressed, setting the table, sweeping, and preparing food. Through these activities, children develop order, concentration, coordination and independence. They also develop hand muscles and fine motor skills- necessary for proper pencil grasp and handwriting.

Lower Elementary



Building on their skills, students advance their fluency through text from Sefer Bereishis, Parshas Hashavua, and Sefer Tehillim. Students also use concrete materials to learn prefixes and suffixes as well as past, present and future tenses.


Derech Eretz:

From six to nine years old, children are most optimal to develop social skills and social awareness. Teachers create ongoing situations for students to develop self-respect and respect of others. Through learning, davening, playing, and working, opportunities to teach and use midos tovos are utilize and encouraged.

Weekly Classroom meetings also hone these skills and leave space for children to share and explore their experiences and feelings. 

Children also use ‘avodas hayom’ books to create a personal schedule each day. They use this list at the end of each day to ensure they are reaching their personal goals as well as their class responsibilities.

Language Arts

Students develop their oral and written language through hands-on materials. They also learn to spell, word study (including antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, and compounds), creative writing, and research skills. 

In reading, children are introduced to poetry, folk tales, non-fiction, and classic literature. Students read quietly, out loud, and give presentations.


Understanding the פרשיות through learning the History of the Jewish Nation offers the children a strong and clear understanding of our development through the years. Children learn the פרשת השבוע weekly and prepare a d’var Torah to present at school and at home. These presentations improve comprehension, note-taking, translating, and public speaking. Through this, students also develop inner-motivation, self-discipline, and confidence.


Children continue their sensorial experience from Primary as they research and develop mathematical equations. As the child progresses through the materials they move through more abstract math concepts including problem-solving, fractions, borrowing, carrying, charting and graphing, measurement, long division, and algebraic equations. 


Using ששת ימי הבראשית as the root of the development of our planet, children work on lessons on life science, botany, zoology, biology, physical science, and earth science. They also learn to reason, hypothesize, and research.

Upper Elementary – coming soon

Junior – coming soon