The Easiest Chinuch Choice You’ll Make

We understand our school is unique; we’re here to guide you, answer your questions, and make you and your child feel comfortable.
Here’s our admission process:

1) Come Visit

2) Apply

3) Bring Your Child


4) Enroll


Step 1: Interview/Tour

DNM offers a unique educational model from others in our community. We require that parents attend an Interview/Tour session to begin the Application Process. We will share our school mission, how we go about accomplishing that mission, and take some time to observe our classrooms in action. We will also learn about your family’s chinuch interest and determine if we might potentially be a good fit.


Step 2: Application

After your visit, if we feel we are potentially a good fit, you will provided with an application link. The application will be reviewed upon receipt of the non-refundable $225 application fee.


Step 3: Child Visit

Our Primary Division offers a 45 minute visit with a parent. Your child will have a chance to observe the classroom, receive a lesson or two from a teacher, and spend some time with children in the division. Our expert Moros/Rabbeim will use Jewish Montessori materials to provide an assessment of your child.
Elementary and Juniors Divisions have a 3-day visit. On the first day, your child will come at 4:00pm. At this time, school have ended for the day and your child will have a quiet space to see the classroom environment, meet the Moros/Rabbeim, and build a simple קשר. On Day 2, your child will join from 9:30a-12:30p, Day 3 will be from 9:30a until 3:30p. Typically, following this visit, we are able to determine if DNM is the right place for your child and your family. Should more time be needed, we would be in touch with you during the three visit days.


Step 4: Enrollment

Upon acceptance to DNM, you will receive notification of necessary paperwork that includes medical forms, handbook signatures, and tuition contracts. Upon completion of paperwork and the required deposit, your child will be enrolled at Darchei Noam Montessori!

Ready to start to schedule an Information & Observation Session

Admission Guidelines:

  • Toddler Division is for ages 2-3.
  • Primary Division is ages 3-6 years- priority is given to age 3.
  • Lower Elementary Division is ages 6-9 (grades 1-3).
  • Upper Elementary Division is ages 9-12 (grades 3-6).
  •  Junior Division is ages 12-15 (grades 7-9).
  • You can apply up to 1 year prior to enrollment.
  • We give priority acceptance consideration to siblings of current students and children transferring from other Montessori schools.
  • If space allows, we admit qualified students anytime during the school year.