JMC 2023

On February 19 & 20, 2023, we’ll get together for two packed days as we explore our theme:

והיה כעץ שתול על פלגי מים

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Join Jewish Montessori Educators from around the globe in Baltimore, Maryland this February, 2023! Check out the Tentative Schedule and see what’s in store for the most incredible 2 days of your school year!

Hear from incredible speakers

You’ll be welcomed by Mr. Richard Bernstein, Supreme Court Justice of Michigan, Inclusion Advocate, and Motivational Speaker. We’ll all be inspired by Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz, shlit’a, Rosh Yeshiva of אור שמח, ירושלים. We’ll gain insight to our methedology from Trent Kissinger and be blown away by the efforts of global change with Gavin McCormack! You don’t want to miss this!