2018 Jewish Montessori Conference


OCTOBER 21 – 22, 2018


Featuring Keynote Speaker:

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti received smicha from Gateshead Yeshiva, then established a flourishing kollel in Gibraltar.  After earning a Masters Degree in Education, he specialized in chinuch for Gifted children and those with ADD. For the past 18 years, he has been an educational consultant on related topics. After completing his Montessori training, Rabbi Rietti created a curriculum that dovetails Torah education with Montessori methodology, called Al Pi Darco.  Today, there are Al Pi Darco schools nationwide.

Brocha Baum Margolese, Keynote Speaker

Brocha’s passion for Montessori education began  in 2003 at Yeshivas Shaarei Simcha in Clifton, NJ, the country’s first religious Montessori school, where she began the design process of the primary division’s integrated curriculum and worked with Rabbi Jonathan Rietti who was designing the elementary curriculum.  She went on to start a number of Montessori programs, one in Lakewood, one at Talmudical Acadmy in Baltimore, and finally in 2009, Darchei Noam Montesssori, originally housed in her basement. Brocha consults with schools internationally, founded the Center for Innovative Jewish Learning to model and teach best practices, and has been a presenter at the Jewish Montessori Annual Conference.

Rob Keys, Keynote Speaker

Rob has been involved in Montessori Education for nearly 30 years as a teacher, administrator, consultant, teacher-educator, and presenter. The author of Follow the Child – The Basics, the Misconceptions, and Underlying Lessons of a Montessori Education, he has presented at AMS National and Regional conferences, written for Montessori Life, and has served on MACTE and AISNE evaluation teams.

Chani Feldman

For over a decade Chanie Feldman has been involved in Jewish education, beginning with informal education like summer camp and enrichment programs then as a teacher and school administrator. In 2007 Chanie founded Cheder Chabad and served as a teacher then Early Childhood director through the 2017 school year. Chanie now codirects the Chabad Early Childhood Educators Network and works as a consultant mentoring teachers and school leaders in bringing their values and vision to life in their classrooms.

Rabbi Yisroel Gelber

Rabbi Yisroel Gelber, MS, is co-founder of BD Health Services, Inc., a substance abuse facility in Maryland.  He is also a teacher at Yeshivas Toras HaLev: Maalot For Men, Bnos Yisroel High School, and is the founder of Chavrusamatch.com.

Gabriel Pickus

Gabriel is a percussionist, a martial artist, a healing touch practitioner, an organizer of Olam Ubuntu and the founder of the Baltimore Wisdom Project.


Early Bird Registration by August 1, 2018:  $225

Regular Registration by October 15, 2018:  $255


The conference is hosted by Darchei Noam Montessori at our beautiful Owings Mills, Maryland campus: 2905 Walnut Ave., Owings Mills, MD 21117.  See Map below for directions.


Lesson Planning and Record Keeping

Creating a plan that can be read by teacher, assistant teacher, substitute and administrator can be a daunting task. This workshop will explore the background as to the benefits of planning as well as offer concrete, take home methodologies of creating a cohesive lesson plan. Next, the session will explore the intricacies of proper record keeping and accountability.

Determining the Best Fit

Reviewing applications can be a tedious and often complex situation. This session will offer insight and guidance to review and determine if both a child and his family is the right fit for your school. Practical suggestions of materials to utilize as well as insightful questions for families will be discussed. Time will be incorporated to share and ask with other administrators.

Communication in the School Organization

Listening to parents, teachers and students can throw any administrator’s head into a whirlwind. Top that with the daily details of managing a school and you may be looking to retire! This workshop will offer real-time solutions to better communication all throughout the school organization.

Creating an Unbreakable Mission Statement

A mission statement is not just words! Having the backbone of a mission can be protective, supportive and helpful in getting your school to reach the goals you have in mind. Learn how to explore your school’s personal values to create a mission statement that is recognizable to parents, staff and students from any angle.

Job Descriptions for One and All

Who’s who and what’s what can be a mangled confused state for many school organizations. This workshop will give you the tools to be able to create definitive lines among the staff, offering more room for flexibility. Outlining specifics within a job can allow for more concrete accountability and better staffing throughout the organization.

Transparency in your Organization

Building a financial plan that anyone can see offers a strength unparalleled to many other aspects of a healthy school. Creating an open pay scale can eliminate resentment among staff as well as help to build motivation for continued personal and professional growth.

Pre-Chumash Skills

Take some time to delve into Chumash and the before! Learn why the skills are perhaps the most important component to a student’s Chumash class. Next, take a closer look at how to best assist a child in mastery of those skills as she prepares to begin learning Chumash from an empowered, motivated and strong place.

Math Minds

Critical thinking skills are nearly a lost trait in today’s children. This workshop will help you to see ways in which to use the exciting Math Area and its materials to develop sharp minds in today’s generation of new thinkers.

Mastering the Art of Giving a Proper Lesson and Executing Smooth Transitions

Giving a lesson is truly an art. Join fellow teachers in learning the beauty of an artful presentation as we gift our students with new information. Watch, learn and practice transitioning throughout a busy day in ways that are not only purposeful but educational and exciting for both students and staff.

Movement and the Jewish Child

Description Coming Soon.

Music in the School Curriculum

Description Coming Soon.

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