About Darchei Noam

Darchei Noam Montessori is a special place that children can call their own.  Within these walls, children learn in an environment full of love, Torah and positive energy.

Developing Intrinsic Motivation through Child-Centered Learning

Your child will exercise their growing sense of independence as they choose work from a wide variety of Jewish & secular academic and practical living activities, gaining mastery over the subject matter and feeling the glow of accomplishment as they move on to more complex tasks.  The ability to choose something that engages them and work uninterrupted helps even very active children learn to focus their attention.  Our teachers are there for guidance when needed and to provide 1-on-1 support for skill-building. As success builds on success, your child will feel confident and motivated to learn and grow.

Developing Powerful Relationship-Building Skills

During the school day, children have natural opportunities to learn about sharing, building friendships, resolving conflict and giving respect to others to build their classroom “community”.  While teachers provide a structure for these interactions, they do not direct them, allowing the children to form their own toolbox for managing relationships with others.  Many visitors comment that the Darchei Noam classroom community is unusually peaceful and calm.

Experiential Learning in Different Environments

In addition to the many activities available to students in the classroom, Darchei Noam students also learn practical life skills in the kitchen (baking challah and making/serving their own snacks), the garden (planting seeds and maintaining the school vermi-composter), and in the green space outdoors (building with wood, visiting Pearlstone Farm).

Torah-Centric Approach to All Subjects

Whether your child is learning about this week’s parsha, or planting seeds, Hashem is in the center of all we do at Darchei Noam.  The school is focused on your child’s academic, social and emotional growth, all within a Torah framework.  Check out our curriculum to learn more.

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